Eda Baba ++ Can Bonomo // ISTANBUL EKSPRES


20:00 Eda Baba
Eda Baba (vocals),  Emircan Başar (accoestic guitar), Ongun Ülker (guitar) en Üner Demir (viol)in

21:30 Can Bonomo
Can Bonomo (vocals), Can Saban (keys, accoestic guitar), Alpar Lü (drums), Kemal Arslan (bağlama, oed), Orhan Deniz (bass guitar) en Emre Kula (electric guitar)

Can Bonomo

There seems to be nothing that Can Bonomo does not do. He started as a music producer and radio DJ and did TV work at MTV. He writes columns in literary magazines, has two collections of poetry to his name and can  illustrate them on top of it. Oh, and he makes music as well.
As a musician it started for Bonomo in 2012, when he represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Love me back'. He  now has four albums and has received awards as Musician of The Year and Best Alternative Music.

Eda Baba

As support an acoustic set by Eda Baba, who is working on her solo career alongside her indie band Eski Bando. With her strong voice and presence she gets started with refined interpretations of Turkish pop songs.

This ninth edition of the Istanbul Ekspres festival is again as diverse as the city itself. All aspects are included in the program. The vibrant life of the metropolis in the songs of Can Bonomo, Kalben and Göksel. The nostalgia for Istanbul in the 1930s, when the lounges flourished, in the music of Gaye Su Akyol. The exuberant partying and dancing during the Fasil evening. The rich Ottoman tradition at Incesaz and the melting pot of cultures in the festival production Bright Bridges, in which Turkish, Romanian and Belgian musicians find each other. The life of a metropolis tailored to a music stage. Music that moves, touches and makes people dance. Hoşgeldiniz!

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