Midsummer in the Abbey

At the turning of the light, de Buren van de Abdij and De Centrale traditionally organize a concert in the Sint-Baafsabbey. This year we focus on music from INDIA.  Drupad is one of the eldest and purest genres within Indian classical music, also described as ‘the unperturbed word’. The name is derived from 'druva', which means so much as 'immobile' (it is also the name for the pole star) and of 'pada', ie word or poetry. The origin of this tradition is to restore the sound of Om, the meditation sound and the sound symbol for ultimate reality within Hinduism. More than two thousand years ago, it resulted in reciting Sanskrit texts in the Hindu temples. Around the 11th century, the drupad reached an almost perfect level. Gradually, the people began to sing the texts, from the fourteenth century to the royal courts of the Maharadjas. Through this form of patronage, the singers could further professionalize themselves.  Most of the  compositions that are heard today were discovered at the Moghul courts around 1600.
Uday Bhawalkar is one of the great drupad singers of this moment. His performance in the refectory of the ancient Saint Baafs abbey promises to be memorable.

Uday Bhawalkar - vocals & Pratap Awad - pakhawaj


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