Ham 12

DON KAPOT | Achterham Sessions 2019 #02

Intiem Huiskamerconcert voor een Luisterpubliek

In 2016 an orange-haired strange bird became president of the US. Don Kapot was born that same year in Brussels.
Three young men with beards picked up a baritone sax, a bass guitar and drums and worked on a lifeboat of free jazz, afrobeat and krautfunk.
Sweat and earwax from Don Kapot followers were carefully molded into a debut album in 2017. The result was released on vinyl in June 2018 by Mr Nakayasi.
At the moment the trio is already firmly in play, after a tour in Greece and Belgium and is working on a second album.

Jakob Warmenbol, drums
Giotis Damianidis, bass
Viktor Perdieus, baritone sax



Sunday 19 May 2019


In de Studio / het Achterhuis van Ham 12 (or in the yard should the weather allow it)

Presale and <26 j : € 10,00
Kassa : € 12,00

Send an e-mail to:  info@hamsessions.org with your number ;
​We'll let you know asap what amount you need to transfer ​
​Uitpaskeepers with opportunity rate, can also enjoy their discount at the doors.


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