The world is becoming very ideal with Djurdjevak !

Djurdjevak (° 2011) is a musical concoction of four experienced gentlemen, and draws from a very diverse repertoire. Their music comes straight from the Balkans and aims via a small detour past Goran Bregovic, Django Rheinhardt or the klezmorim straight to the heart.

With guitar, accordion, double bass, violin and four voices - in seven languages - Djurdjevak (Serbian for Lily of the Valley/Meiklokje) is again a welcome guest at music festivals, cafe performances and street parties after a well-deserved corona recess. Everywhere they go they play the tiles of the roof. Highlights in the group's 11th anniversary are without a doubt the passages in the Spiegeltent at the Gentse Feesten (resulting in a video clip) and the collaboration with The House of Mysteries, which led to 15 performances of the magical Circus Mefisto, in the sweltering summer of 2019.

And to preserve all that beauty for posterity, Djurdjevak recorded ten songs on a blood-red LP.


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