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The Heartbeat Sessions (#15)

The Csikos Family Quartet is, as the name suggests, a family affair. The fabulous double bass player Vilmos Csikos has a son of the same name and a daughter Anett Csikos. They both play classical violin and have won many (international) competitions. And although son and daughter Csikos are classically trained, they are tried and tested in the Hungarian musical tradition. Vilmos Csikos Sr. is one of the best musicians who still master the traditional "Magyar Nota" (Hungarian style). He is the double bass player in Tcha Limberger's Budapest Gipsy Orchestra, but he also regularly plays with Robi Lakatos, Biréli Lagrène, Marius Preda, Ionica Minune and even Jordi Savall.
The fourth - and only non-family - member of the quartet is guitarist Benjamin Clement (a.o. member of El Band'a Tcha and the Renaud Dardenne Trio - see concert(s) 18.03).

Eclecticism is the difficult but justified keyword for this live stream concert. Themes from classical music are interspersed with traditional popular themes and treated with the freedom that suits both jazz and romamusic ...

Vilmos Csikos Sr. - double bass
Vilmos Csikos Jr - violin
Anett Csikos - violin
Benjamin Clement - guitar


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