Abrazando Piazzolla

CIRCACINCO is an ensemble that was founded in 2009 in the womb of Academie De Kunstbrug in Ghent. The musicians played together for the first time on a teachers concert, rather by coincidence… but there was a click. What’s more, there were musical sparks. A cooperation could not fail to occur and a new tango-ensemble was born!
Bart, Michael, Patricia, Sarah en Tine are five musicians on piano, german flute, accordion, guitar, cello and contra bass. Five classically schooled musicians who kind of love some musical adventure.
CIRCACINCO brings work by Astor  Piazzolla, the Argentinian ‘enfant terrible’ of tango. Music without all too many compromise, sometimes hard and raw, but just as often sensual and soft.
“Astor Piazzolla could give our starting shot. With his raw, but at the same time sensual music.He took us to the tangosalons where they still preach passion.We dragged him into our bed and sat tacitly at the breakfasttable. We embraced his music, but we struggled with it as well. He does not stay alone. Circacinco takes care of succesion. We fall for strong composers. Character faces with a distinct style. Music you will recognize. Even if we give it a unique twist.”

Patricia George accordion
Sarah Vandendriessche guitar
Tine Van Parys cello & contra bass
Bart Zwaan piano
Michael De Weert german flute



Friday 10 February 2017

doors 7:30
Start concert 8:00

Tickets € 12 (presale) | € 15
UITPAS € 9 (presale) | € 12
UITPAS social € 3

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