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Double act without borders

Chibi Ichigo

Chibi Ichigo aka Sabina Nurijeva has just turned 22, but can already be considered one of the emerging female talents in Belgian hip-hop. Chibi loves experimenting and challenges with language, rap, singing and beats that hover between her Russian roots and a small Flemish town background. A mix of Russian and Dutch, with a Japanese artist name (Chibi = small / Ichigo = strawberry). An act without (linguistic) borders nor image.Get flabbergasted by her thunderous beats and mellow R&B vibes.

April Maey

This Ghent based singer with Nigerian roots launched her debut EP 'Ticket to Anywhere' in March 2020. And in the fall of 2020 she added an animation clup to the song Starry Night. I've been obsessed with stories, movies and nature for as long as I can remember. It was very important to me to establish a storyline for "Starry Night" ... I wanted to be unique and tell a story. "


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