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Ceren Gündoğdu ♡ Café Türk Online

concert & chat from Istanbul

Ceren Gündoğdu’s musical journey started the ady she opened her eyes into a home where piano and bağlama were standing together. After studying piano and musical theater she started writing her own music. Her work as a singer-songwriter reflects an intimacy depicted in the candid yet powerful words and compelling melodies.

She believes that the musical harmony lies in the mixture of contemporary and tradition and since she is the daughter of one of the most eminent Turkish Folk musicians (Zafer Gündoğdu) it is not a coincidence that she aims to combine her own authentic songs with Anatolian music and nostalgic Turkish Pop songs in her concerts.  She released her debut album (Kapalı Gözlerle) in March 2020 (not the best of times to release a cd as we all know).

Ceren Gündoğdu (voice & piano)
Volkan Coşar (trumpet)
Çağlar Hepterlikçi (guitar)




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