Electrorumbaiao | Max Pashm Band | mnsr zér0

Pioneers of electroswing & flamenco-hiphop

New beats and grooves based on authentic dance music. The third ‘gare central’ edition gets two big names from the innovating global grooves of the last decade to Ghent. Both Electrorumbaiao as Max Pashm transform traditional rhythms to strong dance music with a greasy electronic sauce.

Max Pashm (UK) is the name behind the classic cult- album  ‘Never mind the Balkans’, that dropped some world famous party boms in full balkan- and- electroswinghype.

In that same period, some really good Spanish bands shook up the world of flamenco nuevo, rumba Catalana and mestizo. . Ojos De Brujo took the lead with a briljant and unique mix of flamenco rhytms, strong hip hop shots, and other electronic influences.

From their ashes rose a new project, with the same Panko Gabas Criado in charge. . Electrorumbaiao (ES) lifts this genious pioneers work to the next level by filling up rumbatiempo and flamencoduende with Brazilian percussion, break beats, electronics and drum’n’bass.

The party in the Basement hall (KZ) is separately accessible and is driven by mnsr zér0.  His mixes of balkan, cumbiabeats, flamenco nuevo, swinghiphop, Afrogrooves, Arabic rap en Arican clubzouk are plentiful of  rhythm variations and are a respite for dance adepts searching for challenges that reach further than the simple beats of superficial radio music.
However, we start the warming up already at 20u00 with an original dance workshop.



Friday 24 February 2017

7:45 PM doors
8:00 - 9:00 PM dance workshop (KZ)
9:00 PM – 12:00 AM concerts (TZ)
12:00 AM – 3:00 AM party (KZ)

workshop + concerts + party €13 | €16 | €19 | social € 3,80

only party €6 | €8

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