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Baul meets Saz ♡ Heartbeat Session

The Heartbeat Sessions (#4)

Singer and saz player Emre Gültekin was born in Belgium and worked out a repertoire in the spirit of the aşık’s, Anatolian troubadours who traveled from village to village to sing their songs. He learned this repertoire from his father, Lütfü Gültekin. He combines a deep, warm voice with a refined technique on the Turkish long-neck lute (saz).
Several years ago Emre met the Indian singer Malabika Brahma, an excellent representative of the Baul tradition. They immediately saw the possible connections between saz and Baul music: both genres are both musical and spiritual. Just like the similarities between the communities to which they belong and their nomadic way of life. This echoes in their poetry and music.

'Baul meets Saz' meanwhile performs in a varying line-up with Emre Gültekin (singing and saz) and Malabika Brahma (singing) as the regular basis duo. For this concert they will be joined by percussionist Robbe Kieckens.

With thanks to Handelsbeurs and Evy Ottermans for the photos (Foyer Matinee 23/09/18)


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