In a previous life, the French-Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Aziz Sahmaoui  was one of the founding members of the Orchestre National de Barbes. He also made part of the Zawinul Syndicate for a while( of the 2007 deceased jazz musician Joe Zaniwul). With his own band University of Gnawa he released a first  title less album in 2010, produced by Martin Meissonneir. In 2011, Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa receive the Mondomix prize on the festival for Medditerrenean music  Babel MedMusic in Marseille. 2014 saw the release of a second album, issued by World Village –Harmonia Mundi. Mazal is a more mature album that unites the musical passions( African gnawa and Western rock) of Aziz Sahmaoui. LMive, some plonks on theguembri or ( gnoni) are enough to get everybody going and dance themselves to death on the original gnawa grooves of University of Gnawa.
“If there is no groove, there is nothing”

Line up: Aziz Sahmaoui (vocals, ngoni/guembri & mandole ), Cheikh Diallo (kora, keyboards & zang), Adhil Mirghani (percussion & vocals), Hervé Samb (guitar & vocals), Alioune Wade (bass & vocals) & Jon Grandcamp (drums & kalabassen)


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