ARIJ(*) (100%MAROC)


An ambitious association of musicians from Tangiers founded a unique women company in 2004, under the name ‘Orchestre des Femmes de Tanger’.  Since 2007 the company performs under the name ‘ARIJ’. The group consists of some ten young female musicians that /graduated from the conservatory of Tangiers. The group focusses both on classical Moroccan music genres like  al-ala, malhoun en tarab algharnati
as on more traditional folk music from the North of Morocco. ARIJ presents a very pretty and timelessly musical repertoire and is – partly due to the magnificent robes- a “perfume” for all senses. Thanks to the unique composition of ARIJ the musical talent of these female Moroccan artists is finally 100% appreciated.

(*) -/+ to be pronounced as “areesh”



Sunday 09 October 2016

Doors: 7:30 PM
Start concert: 8:00 PM

Tickets: € 15 (presale) | € 18
UITPAS: € 12 (presale) | € 15
UITPAS (social): € 3,60

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