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The Heartbeat Sessions (#13)

Between India and Andalusia

Antífona is based on the Maria-antiphons from the Roman liturgy and focuses on the alternating chants between two different singing traditions (classical Indian singing and flamenco).

Thanks to the exceptional voices of Madhu Lalbahardoersing and Maria Marin, Antífona grew into a special encounter with a fine arc of tension between dialogue and contradiction. Madhu studied with grandmaster Hariprasad Chaurasia and is very popular with the Surinamese-Indian community. Maria moved from Utrera (cradle of flamenco) to The Hague to perfect her guitar playing with Zoran Dukiç. She has now recorded her first CD (Junio) and is one of the most popular flamenco singers of the moment.
Percussionist Ruven Ruppik and guitarist Alexander Gavilán were responsible for the arrangements that explore the points of contact of Indian music and flamenco both melodically and rhythmically. The Sevillan dancer Irene Álvarez gives extra body to this musical experiment and leaves the path of traditional flamenco where necessary.

Irene Álvarez - dance
María Marín - vocals
Madhu Lalbahardoersing - vocals
Ruven Ruppik - percussion and soundscape
Alexander Gavilan: flamenco guitar and artistic direction



Thursday 01 April 2021


We are deeply sorry to announce that this concert had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

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