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AMMAR 808 ◉ Sound of Ghent (Festival)

Week of the Belgian Music

Seven cultural players from Ghent will join forces during The Week of Belgian Music. Experience the first online livestream festival at Sound of Ghent and let yourself be surprised every day of the week.

Global Control/Invisible Invasion - Live CD presentation

With the trend-setting debut album “Maghreb United” (Glitterbeat, 2018), Sofyann Ben Youssef aka Ammar 808 delivered an inciting soundtrack with a hypnotic mix of North African music and deep grooves from the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machines that have inspired him. The soundscape was at once heavy and effervescent, raw and captivating. And it was a rock-solid hit on the dance floor, while the music cultivated a musical heritage from North Africa and reflected on a turbulent time in its home country of Tunisia.

Sofyann Ben Youssef does not allow himself to be limited in any way. As the true global explorer he is.  On the new Ammar 808 album he dives into a South Indian music culture, mixed with its own cultural roots and of course the TR-808 sound.  Already as a very young man, Sofyann lived for several months in Delhi, where he studied both sitar and tablas. And now he returns to his fascination with Indian music. The album was recorded in India and is deeply inspired by the carnational music of South India, where the vocals are at the center.

For the Week of Belgian Music, he presents his CD live from his home base, streamed live via Sound of Ghent and De Centrale.




Sunday 14 February 2021

Live from 8:00pm (online)
The (live) stream can then be watched for another 48 hours (from Sat. 23 Jan. at 10:00pm to Mon. 25 Jan. at 10:00pm). Keep in mind that you also need a ticket for this postponed viewing.

Basic rate € 5.00
Opportunity rate € 1.00 via Tickets Gent 09/2250101 or
You will receive your ticket by e-mail. Click through it, create an account and enjoy the show.


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