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AMBER HADDAD QUINTET ♡ Heartbeat Session

The Heartbeat Sessions (#9)

The Amber Haddad Quintet has found its own way of combining oriental and Mediterranean music using its own interpretation and knowledge. They adapt songs by, among others, Fayruz and other Arab singers and composers to their own will, interpretation and arrangements. Together with own compositions, which clearly depict the character and individuality of the band, a nice balance is created between comfort and challenge.
Intimacy is the core idea; connected by passion for music and the applause of the audience.
Amber Haddad likes to take this audience on a journey through music, culture and humanity; along the emotions we feel, the everyday and less-everyday things, the moments in life that shake you up and the moments when you come to rest. Amber is happy to show her pure self through text and music.

Amber Haddad - vocals
Adil Benhsain - oud, viola, darbuka, backing vocalist
Wim Cops - flamenco guitar, backing vocalist
Martijn Vanbuel - double bass, backing vocalist
Bert Peyffers - percussion, backing vocalist 


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