AKA MOON sextet w/OPUS 111

Ham Sessions Special Ed.

Sonata 32 Op. 111 for piano is undoubtedly one of Beethoven's most symbolic works and a demonstration of radical modernity. It marks the beginning of the explosion of the classical sonata form, the formal pillar for just about every 18th century composer.

Beethoven's innovations in rhythmic confusion confused many of his contemporaries. Today, the piece is even considered by some to be the true premise of jazz.

Fabrizio Cassol and his companions (Michel Hatzigourgiou and Stéphane Galland) approach this extraordinary sonata as a crossroads of multiple resonances that synchronizes and transcends emotional spaces across cultural, social or aesthetic points of view.

Opus 111 is the ideal musical context for Aka Moon, who managed to gather three extra, strong musical personalities around him for the occasion. Vocalist Fredy
Massamba shows his expressive power as an African storyteller. Joao Barradas' accordion adds an urban modernity to the whole - thanks in part to playing both acoustic and electronic instruments. Pianist Fabian Fiorini, a longtime companion of the trio, performs as a “reflective musician” of Beethoven's sonata.

An initiative of the Ham Sessions in collaboration with De Centrale. This concert was made possible thanks to the support of Sabam for Culture.



Thursday 02 December 2021

doors 7:30 pm
concert 8:00 pm

presale €20 (Uitpas & -18j. €17)
box office €23
opportunity rate €4,60


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