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'Les hommes d’argile /// Sanaa Marahati & Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest

Les hommes d'argile

Les hommes d'argile, 2015, België/Marokko/Frankrijk, 109 min
Regie: Mourad Boucif
Cast: Miloud Nasiri, Magalie Solier, Tibo Vandenborre, Mourad Wagli, Mohamed Zahir, Christian Crahay, Abdelkrim Oissi, Jean-Baptiste Iera, Mahjoub Benmoussa, Rafik Boubkoeur, Rachida Chbani, Jawad Elbe
Spoken: Frans, Arabisch. Subtitled: Nederlands.
Sulayma, a young shepherd, lives in the so-called clay rocks (l'argile) of Morocco in harmony with nature. At the outbreak of the Second World War he is enlisted with the French army. Faced with the atrocities of the war, he decides to keep his human dignity at all costs. Les hommes d'argile is a poetic war film about the forgotten battle of North Africans on the side of the Allies during the Second World War. But do not expect raw violence of action or violent dialogues: the film is not so much a reconstruction of forgotten war facts, but rather a search for pure beauty in the midst of pure horror.

Sanaa Marahati & het Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest (malhoun)

Sanaa Marahati (Sefrou, Morocco) brings the malhoun, the mystical poetry that originated from the mystical Sufi masters and rabbis of medieval El Andalus. Malhoun's long drawn out poetic songs of life, whose lyrics are about faith, hope and love and of course the side of existence, specific to every song of life.
Sanaa Marahati is considered the artistic heiress of the Jewish-Moroccan malhoun legend Zohra El Fassiya (1905-1994) and is popular among Moroccan-Jewish communities. She is one of the most important musical bridge builders between Arabs and Jews, who - despite their constant "disagreement" - share a deep-rooted common culture and history.
For this concert, Sanaa Marahati will be accompanied by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra. In 2011 the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra performed for the first time in the Engelenbak (Amsterdam). A group of young Amsterdam musicians with Arabo Andalus musicians from Morocco. This meant the start of an unforgettable journey with the international top past theaters and concert halls in the Netherlands and Morocco. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra plays three types of Arabo Andalus repertoires.
The tarab (classical) is the rich repertoire from Al Andalus. The chaabi andalusi focuses on the musical cross overs and folk music with influences from the Arabo Andalus repertoire. Great masters such as Abdesadaq Chekara (1933-1998) were the basis of the chaabi andalusi. The sufi andalusi is the mystical spiritual sound of the Arabo Andalus music, the music and vocal improvisation that is transferred from master to student in the zawiyas (holy tombs). In addition to the three repertoires, the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra also dedicates itself to musical deepening and is also on stage with other Andalusian-oriented genres, such as malhoun and flamenco.

Co-org. Gents Afrika Platform (GAP) Universiteit Gent (UGent)

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22|03 100 jaar Impressies van Spanje (F.G. Lorca);
 05|04 Duarte (fado);

 21|04 AFF Film (Les hommes d’argile) + concert Sanaa Marahati
 25|04 Sarvsetah Ensemble (Iran)
 27|04 Marc Hauman & Groep /// WÖR
 29|04 Seksendört
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 17|05 Xenitia (ft. Katerina Fotinaki)

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Saturday 21 April 2018

19:30 doors
20:00 'Les hommes de l’argile' (film)
22:00 Sanaa Marahati & Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest (concert)

Tickets: € 13 (presale) | € 16
UITPAS: € 10 (presale) | € 13

UITPAS opportunity rate: € 3,20


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