Abir Nasraoui sings Oum Kalthoum


Abir Nasraoui is a French-Tunisian singer who has traded her hometown Kasserine for Paris a long time ago. She knew her musical debut like so many in a family circle, but it was not long before she spread her wings to become proficient in several renowned Maghreb music masters. She was a pupil of, among others, Mohamed Sahaad, an absolute authority in the field of Ottoman and Oriental music and of Abd Lahmid Ben Iliya, master of the malouf, a genre that originated in the traditional music of Al-Andalus. The singer performed at various prestigious festivals and places, such as the 'Festival International de Carthage', the 'Hammamet Festival', the Cairo Opera and the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), to mention just a few. At the Parisian Sorbonne she obtains a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology  while continuing to perfect her vocal technique (s). She is gradually developing a very characteristic and idiosyncratic style, influenced by Tunisian music icons such as Hedi Jouini and the legendary Saliha. For the national women's day, the nightingale of Kasserine is paying tribute to Oum Kalthoum ...


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