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Çiğdem Aslan ♡ Café Türk Online

concert & chat from ArtistLockdown (London)

Cross-Cities Songs

Singer Çiğdem Aslan was born in Istanbul but has lived in London for quite some time. Her musical repertoire consists of a range of styles (rebetiko, Sephardic, Anatolian folk music,…) sung in different languages (Turkish, Greek, Kurdish, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Ladino,…). She has already performed on stage in De Centrale a few times. Her last scheduled concert was one of the first to be canceled due to the first Corona lockdown. We are now almost tone year later and artists are still barely able to perform. Çiğdem Aslan and her musicians present a timeless program in which we can still travel and enjoy carefree in mind, in anticipation of better times.

Çiğdem Aslan - vocals
Baha Yetkin - oud
Nikos Baimpas - qanun 

This concert was previously scheduled on 24.01, but due to the stricter lockdown measures in London, we were forced to move even a live stream concert to a later date. These are insane times! 


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