Murat Isik

La Lettre A #03 - contemporary storytellers

Murat Işık is a Dutch writer and lawyer. In 2012 his first novel was released; 'Lost Ground', for which he received the Bronze Owl Audience Award. Verloren Grond was translated into German, Swedish and Turkish. In 2017 his second novel was released: Be Invisible. This novel was awarded with, among other things, the Libris Literature Prize 2018. Be invisible tells about the desperate struggle of a family against a tyrannical father and is a wonderful coming of age of a sensitive boy who grows up in an unsafe world, based on Murat Isik's own childhood. But it is also a beautiful and colorful ode to the Bijlmer. The Bijlmermeer, in the early eighties. The five-year-old Turkish Metin comes to the Netherlands with his parents and sister. The family is going to live in the flat Fleerde. Father is an unemployed communist who reads books by Marx during the day and gets drunk with friends in the evening. At home he is often violent and then the whole family shivers. Metin fears him and makes himself invisible. But slowly - as the children grow older and the mother  emancipates  - the resistance grows against the father. Meanwhile the Bijlmer is also changing. Intended as a progressive neighborhood full of greenery and space, it turns into a feared ghetto with a lot of crime, hordes of junkies and vacancies. On a Sunday evening in 1992, a Boeing 747 drills into the Kruitberg flat. Dozens of residents are killed. In the following days, the racial tensions crop up at Metin's secondary school.

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Thursday 07 February 2019

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