Lecture by Abderrahman El Aissati

Abderrahman El Aissati is connected to the University of Tilburg in Holland since 1996.  He teaches research and education concerning language, culture and communication. From a historic perspective he explains why Morocco is literally a crossroad of different civilizations, and what the role of these civilizations is on the development of the Moroccan identity. Based on images and sound he lets the audience taste the cultural richness of Morocco. The last part of the lecture is dedicated to the cultural experience of the Moroccan community in Europe, namely in Belgium and The Netherlands. Central subject is the role of the own culture in the societal integration, participation, acculturation and assimilation.

C-organisation Vormingplus


monday 03 October 2016

8:00  - 10:00 PM

€ 8 (standard) | € 5 (reduction) | € 2 (social)


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