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With author Laila Koubaa

Laila Koubaa wrote with “I don’t want to go to Morocco!’ a special book for children. During this workshop she will read from it. Based on this story we will have a philosophical conversation with the kids. Children look at the world with astonishment and ask lots of questions. Talking with them and thinking together with them is of the utmost importance, both for the child as for the relation with the adult. It is not about knowing, but about wanting to know. This way the child practices the structuring of its own thoughts. It learns to think consciously. After the talk with the children, we continue the philosophical dialogue with the adults. That way as an adult you get in touch with philosophical thinking; you learn to listen attentively, ask questions and stimulate your imagination. Afterwards we discuss what is proper of a philosophical discussion, how you can continue to practice and apply it at home. Meanwhile Laila guides the children on an imaginative craft workshop.

Co-organisation Vormingplus & Ghent Public Library



Saturday 08 October 2016

2 PM -  4 PM

€ 8 (standard) | € 5 (reduction) | €2 (social)
Free for kids (5  - 10 yrs.)


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