Dance workshop with the Dans ‘Ruh’

We are going on an exploration to the rich Moroccan dance culture and learn to dance the Berber way. We get to know the popular chaâbi, enjoy Moroccan urban music, and,… get completely loose on arousing trance music. Many (dance)roads lead to Morocco and on our trip you discover tons of new forms of moving. Dance fun 100% assured.


DE DANS RUH is an association who occupy themselves specially with dance traditions from North-Africa and the Middle East, but other dance forms are addressed (like sacral dances). ‘RUH’ is an Arab and Turkish word (pronounced: roo). It means both soul as breath or light wind, breeze. So the intention is clear: not only the dance itself is important, but so is the “spirit”, the soul.



Wednesday 19 October 2016

2:30 PM

€ 2 - inscription via De Centrale: (state: Alles Kids 19/10 100%MAROC) or telephonically 09/265 98 20 (Marie-Claire Nyatanyi)

This workshop is suited for children from  6 till 9 jaar (L1 to L3)

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