Under the expert guidance of the people of Koraal vzw we focus in this exiting workshop on the singing and playing of  music instruments from all over the world. All kinds of drums, ballophones, rainmakers, angklungs, bass blocks, small percussion instruments, etc. pass the revue, with as final goal the creation of a true World music orchestra‚Ķ
Koraal vzw is an artists collective that reunites professional creators, musicians, dancers, circus artists, theatre makers, visual artists, pedagogues, educators,  artistic therapists and others in small individual, but also bigger, common art projects. Sustainability, close cooperation and the care for mankind and the earth are values they rank high in their esteem.


Wednesday 04 May 2016

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

€ 2,00

for kids from 6 > 9 years old

inscriptions > (please mention WS TOEMBA)

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