African Cinderella

Boom Toudou is an African version of the famous Western fary tale Cinderella. A girl who lost her mother and grandmother, is being raised by her angry stepmom, who obliges her to do all sorts of ungratefull and heavy chores. Night after night she has to fetch water by a lake surrounded by wild animals. Her only comfort is ‘boom toudou’ , a tree her deceased grandmother planted for her and where she can go with her grief. The tree gives her advice and helps her to get home safely from the forrest. Even if the angry stepmom burns the tree in all her rage, the roots and the ashes protect the girl. And, as in all fairy tales, eventually everything turns out to be well after all…
with Nyira Hens in a direction of Dahlia Pessemiers – Benamar



Wednesday 05 April 2017

2 shows:  at 2:30 & 3:30 PM


Tickets € 5 (advance) | € 8 (door)
UITPAS € 2 (advance) | € 5 (door)

UITPAS opportunity rate: € 1,60

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