WOMEN TALK I It is a different year

international womens day

"It's a different year" is a warm, catchy show that interweaves literature and life. Marjan Meganck had breast cancer and made a letter book about it. Céline Broeckaert has experienced the cancer of her mother. Both makers enter into a dialogue about the process of being ill and recovering. Marjan reads her intimate, personal letters, Céline interprets other voices, adds, reflects, mirrors and supports. After the show follows a panel discussion with, among others, Rajae Slaoui, volunteer at Kom op tegen Kanker. We exchange experiences with the panel and with each other. What does breast cancer do to women and their environment? How do they experience relationships and intimacy? Where do they find help and support? We bring women from different cultural backgrounds together to share their experiences about this disease that can affect all women regardless of their origin, social class or background.


Friday 08 March 2019

16:30 - 18:30 I show and  debrief

FREE provided inscription

online of via 09 210 10 10 (Gentinfo)


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