TSAR B, MEDS ★ Democrazy

★ TSAR B ★
Tsar B's frontwoman Justine Bourgeus started writing music out of boredom, while she toured with other bands as a violinist. And so suddenly appeared first single 'Escalate'. It was a hit immediately. BBC Radio 1, The Fader and Noisey eagerly picked up the single and suddenly they were mentioned in the same breath with M.I.A. and FKA Twigs.
We are now two years  and some impressive passages later.Tsar B is ready for the big work. Oktober saw the release of her debut album, called The Games I Played, that immediately got an entire load of stars. The love for strings, eastern influences and Beyoncé are clearly present. Bourgeus’ classical past as violinist is also clearly tangible; we hear baroque and Bach influences( but we only heard it through the grapevine to be honest)
One thing is for sure though: Tsar B knows how to fire things up! That this album presentation will be a party is written in the stars!
Mélanie De Saedeleer brings a mixture of R|B in a warm bath of Enoësque Ambient sounds( think of Jhené Aiko, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu,...). This year they got to know her as MEDS with debut single 'Another Lady' where they hear the pain of being cheated. Both on the album and live, she distinguishes herself from the rest with her unique voice and minimalist productions on the beat. We'll hear more from her!

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