onconventional experimental pop and noise

The Germans has re-invented itself as a band. The elusive quintet from Dikkelvenne has been able to hold its own on the limp between pleasant banal and unpleasant experimental since 2002. They started with influences from Evil Superstars and Millionaire, but evolved into an avant rock genre (Are Animals Different). They have four albums to their name (Elf Shot Lame Witch - 2008, Great Sirs / Strong Madammes - 2009, Mother Sings In Front Of The House - 2012 and Are Animals Different - 2015). Sexuality will be released on 1 March, for the first time on Unday Records. The tone is raw and nonchalant, but also warm and exotic. Sexuality, quoi, unencumbered on tape recorded by producer Micha Volders (Meteor Musik). Primitive percussion, battered guitars, piano, Hammond, clavinet and analog synths play a leading role in this humid stronghold of psych, funk, easy listening, ambient, pop, cocktail jazz and musique concrète. Einstürzende Neubauten meets Tito Puente. Recommended. Live improvisation is never far and this limitless band brings their audience into a psychedelic trip. "It turns out that The Germans can not only be unruly, but also unequaled." (De Morgen). Check out the first single 'William' from the new record. "Watered in a lot of funkiness, leadsingle 'William' bounces off with a hint of silence, albeit delicately stuffed with somewhat strange building blocks.", Says Indiestyle.

Org. Democrazy


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