Dance as a manifestation of the light!

Ecstatic Dance had his origin in Hawaii on the dance floors of Kalani and started in 2000. Bodhitara was the Dj who brought fresh mix tapes each and every week on Sunday mornings.

Hawaii was the perfect place for this community to take root. The dancers went to all new heights of emobdies expression.

Donna Carroll and Tyler Blank, both experienced magic, evolution and community during their dance journeys at the ecstatic dance in Hawaii. Desiring a taste of this expansive transformation energy and community dance in the Sant Francisco Bay area. So they started Ecstatic Dance in San Francisco.

Both Big Island Ecstatic Dance and Ecstatic Dance SF Bay have since inspired communities around the world to start their own Conscious Dances.

Ecstatic Dance Belgium is now growing in Antwerp, Ghent & Brussels. Inspired by and with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance Worldcommunity.


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