met Variomatic & jam

Boomball on a Tuesday night in Ghent is traditionally a big party!
We start the night with a dance initiation for every one who would like to join on a Boomball. The most recurring dance moves will be taught. There is no need to bring a partner, you will surely meet some one on the dance floor! Everybody dances with every one!
After the dance initiation,  Variomatic  will tear the glass roof down. A sample of some of the strongest musicans from the Belgian folk scene playing the better hits. Variomatic  is synonymous to party and dancing! Variomatic  originated as an all-star band to the yearly boomball on New Year’s Eve( Soirée Bourrée) and grew out to a close group with Koen Garriau (sax), Paul Garriau (draailier), Dirk Verhegge (guitar and banjo), Bert Leemans (accordion), Koen Dewaele (bass) and Stef Vanstraelen (drums).
Afterwards we swiftly proceed to the traditional megajam. All musicians are welcome to join the stage!


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