Kolonel Djafaar + La Negra Albina + Rocky Marsiano + mnsr zér0 (dj-set)

Sonar is a new party concept of binair01. Once a year it settles down in De Centrale and adds great live band to the party DJ sets.

La Negra Albina is a quartet consisting of Chilean, Peruvian and Venezuelan musicians. Their music mixes afro-Colombian cumbia with Brazilian samba and Cuban rumba and balances between warm, intimate singing and stirring rhythms with the added timbre of cajón and trumpet.

Colonel Djafaar shows another side of the afro spectrum. The basis of their sound is afrobeat and ethio-jazz, a unique fusion of traditional (Western) African rhythms, highlife and Afro-funk, Soul and Latin influences. The new 9-man instrumental band from Brussels brews from these rich ingredients a tight, atmospheric set full of catchy dance music. The result does not lie: shortly after their foundation they immediately won the podium prize Young Wolves at the last Gentse Feesten.
The guest DJ and producer Rocky Marsiano is also a big name. His latest album, 'Meu Kamba', adds to his Brazilian heritage a colorful journey through Angolan, Cape Verdean and Mozambican rhythms - not for nothing three former African Portuguese colonies. He comes to Ghent for the first time at the invitation of binair01 guest-dj mnsr zér0, who finishes the night in his own distinctive style of extremely catchy and diverse cross-over party music.


Friday 04 May 2018

20:30PM doors
20:45 – 21:45PM Kolonel Djafaar
22u00 – 23u00PM La Negra Albina
23:00 – 3:00PM dj-set party with Rocky Marsiano and mnsr zér0

concerts + party €8 | €10 | €12


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