Technology is evolving at lightning speed, new media have slipped into our daily lives inconspicuously. Do we sufficiently question this self-evidence? Do we experience reality other than virtual? Where is the boundary between the two? What is (the power of) a computer algorithm? Do you know the internet as well as the internet knows you?
KOPERGIETERY compiled a program of performances, installations and studio experiments that touch this evolution or themes.
playField. is a young innovative art collective founded by Lana Schneider, Marthe Schneider and Tim De Paepe. They develop interactive, new technology-oriented theater installations that lift the boundary between player and viewer. As an audience, you determine the outcome.
For Festival Digital we invite them with part I and II from their Big Data Trilogy: # 1 Hollow and # 2 Bias (in DE CENTRALE). playField lets the audience think in a playful way about the impact of data and digitalization on our society and on ourselves. We live in times where technology evolves faster than the average person can handle. With this triology,  PlayField aims  our attention to 'big data' that are frequently present in our daily lives, without us realizing it well.
In this installation, a series of encounters with a stranger will encourage you to think about intimacy and privacy. How much and how quickly do you expose something? An experience that lingers on and questions our daily use of digital communication tools.

CONCEPT: playField. and Sabien Van Moorter PERFORMANCE: Laura Vroom, Stijn van Erp, Gytha Parmentier, Silke Claessens, Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven, Hanne Timmermans, Amber Janssens | SCENOGRAPHY: Jelmer Daelman, Bas Goethals, Bram Vandemoortel | DECOR: Arthur Dekker | TECHNIQUE: Lars Morren, Jamison Van den Driessche | COACHING: Alexander De Vriendt, Tom Engels, Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Frank Mineur | THANKS TO: Provincial domain Dommelhof, Toneelacademie Maastricht, KASK Ghent, RITCS college, VIA ZUID talent broker
Fri 1 March (8 pm> 10:30 pm)
# 1 HOLLOW is open to everyone from 12 years of age.
Prior registration required! Be there 15 minutes before your appointed hour.



Saturday 02 March 2019

17:00 & 20:30

max. 16 participants -  language: English

Please register in advance!

standard rate : € 13 

reduction rate ( -18 year, student card, werkzoekend, sector pass) :  € 8    

Koperen Loper :  free


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