How can individual choices of a spectator be reduced to the choice of a computer? By creating an algorithm from all personal audience data. That is what you do together with the other spectators in BIAS. Once this algorithm is working, the impact on yourself and the others becomes noticeable.
Whereas the first part, #HOLLOW, focuses on the release of personal information, the second part #BIAS deals with the futility of that personal information. What are all our individual choices (our personal information) when they end up in a big data set? Nothing more than numbers. Nothing more than one's and nills ...
in #BIAS, PlayField will be looking for how they can reduce the individual choices of all spectators to what they are for a computer: a code that reveals their choices and thus their 'identity'. Together you create an algorithm. And once this algorithm is working, the impact on yourself and the others becomes noticeable.
But are the individual choices we make not just what distinguishes us from the rest? Or is that possibility no more than an illusion?
CONCEPT & SCENOGRAPHY: playField. | PERFORMANCE: Carine Van Bruggen & Mitch Vanlandeghem, Trine Thielen & Mathilde Strijdonk COPRODUCTION: VIA SOUTH talent development & Cultura Nova Festival
IN THE CENTRAL (Basement Room)
Fri 1 March at 8.30 pm
Sat 2 March at 5 pm + 8.30 pm
Prior registration required!
max. 16 participants - language: English

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Friday 01 March 2019


max. 16 participants -  language: English

Registration in advance necesary!

standard rate : € 13 

reduction rate ( -18 jaar, student card, jobseekers, sector pass) :  € 8    


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