Kelderzaal & Turbinezaal

BAL FINAL 2018 -> 2019

Welcome to the first Bal Final, succesor of Soirée Bourrée! This year you connot only dance together, but sing together as well. If you like you can even dine together beforehand in the upper hall on groovy  and sultry folk bands, in the lower hall top dj’s will be playing world music from past to present.
Should you choose so, a part of your entrance fee will go directly to Lombok, the Indonesian Island that past summer was raveged by earthquakes. Our contact, Els – u might know her from Dranouter or Boombal festival, is currently there. When she gets back she will let us know where the money goes to exactly!
21u30 Allez, Chantez!
22u40 Airboxes (Turbine hall)
23u15 Ciac Boum (Turbine hall)
00u10 Dj’s Klaas & Klesie (Kelderzaal)
01u10 Sophie Cavez (Turbine hall)
02u30 Airboxes (Turbine hall)


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