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Les Goûts de Gand 2018

Masterclass for vocalists & instrumentalists

Nilson Matta is a Brazilian double bass player with a serious track record. In addition to being a musician, Nilson Matta is artistic director of the Sambameets jazz workshops in the US and in Brazil.
This masterclass consists of interplay for all instruments and vocals where different tracks are taught. Good prior knowledge of jazz harmony, solfège and improvisation is necessary. Also bring your own instrument, micro and amplifier with you ...



Saturday 19 May 2018

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Inscription via cedric.debock@gent.be (limited places !)

Register before 1st of may and pay only € 15 (after 1 may = € 20)

Transfer BE76 0682 1571 5495 (state name + instrument)

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