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Aid workers on the front line testify

For months the news focused on stories and images of refugees who , via Turkey, risk the crossing to the Greek islands. The images of desperate refugees who washed ashore on the Greek isles in cranky boats, didn’t leave anyone untouched. NGO’s came to action, but a lot of spontaneous initiatives arose to save people out of the water or to offer material help. We give the word to two eye witnesses. Helping Hands Belgium  is a civil initiative from Ghent that offers help to refugees. They provide material help to refugees that live in Turkey at the Turkish-Syrian border. Karen Mets is actively involved  with the international NGO Save The Children . In Lesbos  she went talking to refugees in a refugee camp and testifies on the harsh conditions in which people, including children, have to live there. She hereby also denies the lack of a European refugee policy based on human rights and humanitarian intake.

Co-organisation Vormingplus Gent-Eeklo & Helping Hands Belgium


Tuesday 15 November 2016

8:00 - 10:00 PM

Vormingplus Gent-Eeklo
Reigerstraat 8
9000 Gent


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