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The Heartbeat Sessions (#15)

Majé - Try Out

Majé (23, real name Elvira Lawson) is a Belgian singer-songwriter and pianist with Togolese roots. She was born and raised in the West Flemish town of Roeselare. Music fascinated her from an early age and it became the leitmotiv in her life.

On Friday April 23, 2021 she launched her very first single Loud & Proud. With this debut single, the Belgian artist, who is also a law student at the KU Leuven, makes her official entry as a singer-songwriter and thus sets the tone for what is yet to come. On May 6, Majé will introduce and perform a number of songs from her upcoming debut album, including her first release Loud & Proud.

Calya J. - The Experience

Calya J. is a 21 year old Belgian-Cameroonian singer. On June 21, 2020 she released her first solo project, an EP called “Blueprint”. She wrote and produced this EP completely by herself. With this project she wants to lay a foundation to further develop her career as an artist. Her biggest source of inspiration is the hip hop culture, but she gets most of the inspiration from the different perspectives that the outside world offers her. On May 6 she takes us through the “Calya J. Expierence”. With a number of songs from her EP and some new creations she wants to introduce her music to the public.

Majé x Calya J. - opposites attract 

The two singer-songwriters want to inspire people to follow their heart and pursue their dreams. Majé and Calya J. were brought together by a joint music project and have not left each other since. Although they are two opposites, they find each other in acceptance, understanding and recognition. During this double set, Majé and Calya J. each present their own project. In addition, they promise to delight us with 2 exclusive unreleased singles.

Featuring Owen Perry Weston (bass), Raffaello Visconti (guitar), Pieter Vanoverberghe (drums).



Thursday 06 May 2021


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