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Mary Jane ♡ Café Türk Online

concert & chat from De Centrale (Ghent)

Mary Jane is a popular Turkish music group that has been combining her cheerful stage energy with her own (contemporary) compositions and covers for years.
The group consists of singer Begüm Yiğit, guitarist Arda Atılgan, drummer Ömer Yiğit Ünal on drums and bassist Mert Can Doğu. Mary Jane is gradually starting to find her way on the digital platforms and slowly but surely, after Turkey, the rest of the world is also being taken over. Whether the group name is indebted to Buster Brown, Rick James, Alanis Morissette or Burry Soprano is not entirely clear but “In love with Mary Jane” we are for sure!

Begüm Yiğit / voice
Arda Atılgan / guitar
Mertcan Doğu / bass
Ömer Yiğit Ünal / drum & percussion



Sunday 30 May 2021

8:00 pm

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