De Bijloke

Ensemble Marmara

Chir Hachirim - Het Hooglied

Chir Hachirim, the Song of Songs , is a biblical text that tells a fascinating love story between a king and a princess.

The loaded love aspirations inspire to this day. For recreation Frédéric Tavernier-Velas starts from the ancient Greek text and the Byzantine singing modes and presents a particularly intriguing, trance-generating musical context for Western ears.

The melodic format with Byzantine modes, semi improvised, is built up according to the ethos of each passage. Marc Loopuyt and Léa Macquart accompany and dialogue with the vocals, as it was the practice of the psalm writers.

Ensemble Marmara

Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas, vocals
Marc Loopuyt, ud (Arabic lute)
Léa Macquart, ney (Turkish flute)

Org. Muziekcentrum De Bijloke i.s.m. De Centrale


Thursday 07 March 2019

20:00 - 22:00


€ 24,00 | € 22,00 (UiTpas)
opportunity rate = € 4,80 (only at the desk)


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