Rising Star of the Turkish popfolk scene

Necdet Kaya comes to Ghent with his most beloved songs! The popular Turkish singer is seen by specialists in Turkish folk music as one of the best new voices in the genre. He is a popular artist among the Turkish public, partly because of his popular repertoire, to which he easily adds influences from Turkish pop and Turkish classical music.

Necdet Kaya released several CDs, including Kopardıllar Dallarımı (2011), Yanık Türküler (2014) and Yarimiş Meğer (2015).  In October 2016 his latest successful single Yetmez Mi Gönül was released.

Necdet Kaya (vocals), Ahmet Toprak (bağlama), Cihan Aslan (keyboard) & Mustafa Yenerkol (clarinet)



Saturday 19 December 2020

deuren 7:30 pm
concert 8:00 pm

Tickets € 16 (presale) | € 19
UITPAS € 13 (presale) | € 16

UITPAS opportunity rate € 3,80

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