Grup Tını brings a program filled with Anatolian folk music.Grup Tini is composed of folk musicians from Ghent with Anatolian roots. You can see Grup Tini( founded in 2006) usually at work as house orchestra in the Ghent ‘Muzikantenhuis’ in the Dampoortstraat, known to many music lovers as one of themost remarkable crossroads between Flrmish, Turkish and other (folk)music in Ghent.These musicians from Ghent with Turkish roots play gripping songs from the traditional Anatolian folk music, led by Mustafa Avsar. The Turkish bağlama (or saz or long neck lute) is concentrated on and is – together with the melodic singing – in big part responsible for the often moving character of this Turkish “folk”.

For the 7th year on a row GUP TINI is on the main stage of De Centrale. This year however they bring a very special guest: the undisputed master of the Turkish-Bulgarian Balkan clarinet Serkan Cağrı. He also was on the stage of De Centrale for several times before. The last time we could see him at work in Ghent was during the Istanbul Ekspres Festival of 2014 in the Handelsbeurs.



Saturday 30 April 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm
Start concert: 8:00 pm

Tickets: € 11 (presale) | € 14
UITPAS: € 8 (presale) | € 11
UITPAS kansentarief: € 2,80

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