Ham 12

BONE (a tribute to Steve Lacy)


Steve Lacy  was one of the biggest improvisers and musical minds from the jazz world. Although he wrote over 400 compositions, based on a selection of poets from all over the world, his works are not that famous to the big audience. The rich legacy of Steve Lacy served as a source for different tributes since he died in 2004. In Ghent, Mikhail Bezverkhni has done this a lot in café De Afkikker, now re-baptized to “Jazzclub Steve Lacy”, where the new formation “BONE a tribute to Steve Lacy”  originated. “BONE a tribute to Steve Lacy” consists of  Andy Declerck (sax), Stijn Engels (piano) and Mikhail Bezverkhni (violin).  Mikhail Bezverkhni is originally from St. Petersburg and settled in Ghent after winning the Queen Elisabeth competition for violin in 1976. “Bone” brings an ode to Steve Lacy himself, to Thelonious Monk whose repertory was extremely suited for Steve Lacy and a number of classical works.

Beside the Ham Sessions, three days of living, handmade music, there are since a few years  the AchterHam Sessions as well,
a series intimate chamber concerts for an even more listening audience (+/- 60p)
Place : de studio / het achterhuis of Ham 12 in Ghent.



Sunday 07 May 2017

3:00 PM

€ 8 | € 10 | opportunity rate € 2,00

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