IMPRESIONES Y PAISAJES 1918 - 2018 (Federico Garcia Lorca)

A journey through land, work and oeuvre of Federico Garcia Lorca.
IMPRESIONES Y PAISAJES / IMPRESSIONS OF SPAIN (1918) is the first publication ever by Lorca. It is a powerful evocation of a beloved country. It is a powerful evocation of a beloved country. In this debut, the very young Lorca makes still lifes with words.
With this music theater production we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the start of a brilliant but far too short career. We combine flamenco with word and image and even more  music.

With: Bob de Moor (word), Mryddin (flamenco guitar), Bart Maris (trumpet), Esteban Murillo (flamenco vocals) & Saïdjah Galo (flamenco dance).

Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) became the most famous poet and play writer in Spain. In the meantime he is the most translated Spanish author, Cervantes not excluded. "Impresiones y Paisajes" is the first publication ever by Lorca. In "Impressions of Spain", written between 1916 and 1918, the reader sees a poet being born. It is a powerful evocation of a beautiful country by their most beloved poet. In his debut, the young Lorca makes still life with words as it were. Under the guidance of his teacher Martin Dominguez Berrueta, he made two study trips through Spain in 1916. Lorca combines his impressions in the book "Impresiones y Paisajes" that appears in 1918.
It is Lorca's first throw to eternity! His talent was immediately recognized by the leading critics of his time. With this first success he laid the foundation for the wonderful career that would follow ... a career that unfortunately would not last 20 years. Lorca wrote prose, poetry and plays, was a painter and draftsman, an enthusiastic ethnomusicologist, he played guitar and piano, could sing and act, and was also a mime artist. His work inspired artists such as Leonard Cohen (Take this Waltz), Mikis Theodorakis and Tim Buckley.
Those who knew him were agreed that he had a lot of charm besides a multifaceted gift. He knew how to deal with people in astonishing way and always showed a good dose of humor. Many were enchanted by this contagious conversationalist and life artist.
In 1936, a firing squad of Spanish fascists put an end to his life in a gruesome manner. His death, at the beginning of the civil war, meant the end of all illusions for the Spain of that time. Refinement and hope definitively made way for years of brutality. In Franco's Spain, Lorca's name remained taboo. It was only when the dictator laid down his head in 1975 that it became possible to speak openly about Lorca.
With this music theater production we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of a brilliant, yet far too short career. We bundle Flamenco (did you know that Lorca was decisive for this genre?) With word and image ... and more music.

“Impressies van Spanje” is music, word and image
Direction:  Walter Janssens (Kommilfoo, Ultima Thule, Lucas Vandertaelen, The Primitives, LAIKA, het Vernieuwd Gents Volkstoneel, Radio 1 (Piazza), enz..
Word : Bob de Moor
Flamenco guitar : Myrddin
Trumpet : Bart Maris
Flamenco vocals : Esteban Murillo
Flamenco dance : Saïdjah Galo
A production of La Barraca vzw (www.la-barraca.be)
This concert is part of the campaign 'Gent 2014-18, fight for peace' and is partly supported by the Poëziecentrum Gent.

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Thursday 22 March 2018

doors 7:30 PM
concert 8:00 PM


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